fsprotect – Filesystem protection

fsprotect is a set of scripts, customized for debian systems that protect existing filesystems.

It uses the AUFS filesystem and some initramfs magic to protect the root filesystem. It also uses a simple init script to protect other filesystems as early as possible.

fsprotect is excellent for public computers like those in libraries, labs, etc. It will ease the life of all administrators with a couple of simple steps.

License: GPLv3

vbackup – Modular backup program

vbackup is a modular program that performs easy system backups. It can be extended by user scripts and can be fully configured to fit a system needs. vbackup can be customized to perform full or incremental backups where they are supported.

vbackup consists of a set of scripts (modules) that handle various aspects of a backup.

License: GPLv3

vdns – DNS management tool

vdns is a DNS management tool. Its main job is to generate zone files based on the data of the PostgreSQL database.

The vdns database is a human-usable database and data are generated based on that. I.e. the database is not a storage for raw DNS data. For example, forward and reverse records are generated from the same set of data, TXT records are generated from both TXT and DKIM data, etc.

See the Github page for more information.

License: GPLv3

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