Archived (dead) projects

Below are some older projects that are not live any more. They’re listed for historical purposes. If for whatever reason you need something about them then contact me

netmap – Network weathermap creator

Netmap is a program to create network weathermaps based on existing images created by other software.

It uses SNMP to collect data from other devices and it does not depend on MRTG or any other statistics program.

netinfo – Network information collector

In a switch based campus it is not easy to restrict users from using whatever IP address they want on their computers. It is common to know an IP address that causes problems but not to know the actual place of this IP in the campus.

Netinfo tries to locate each and every known IP address inside a campus. It uses SNMP to collect the information from routers, L2 and L3 switches.

katimon – ATI Graphics Card Monitor

katimon is a GUI for monitoring and controlling ATI Graphics Cards that support the OverDrive feature.

It was originally developed as a program to auto-adjust the fan speed of an EAH4870 which was very loud. Since then it evolved into a GUI front-end for some of the aticonfig command line utility capabilities.

wifieye – Wireless network visualizer

WifiEye is a tool to visually display available wireless networks. It is based on wifi analyzer which is available for android phones.

Currently it is only available for Maemo 5 for N900 devices.

WifiEye is written in python and uses the Qt library and python-wifi library. This makes it very portable and it is easy to port it to other Linux-based platforms.

libproclist – Get process list

It is very common to require a proccess listing… I dont believe there is a portable way to do this. (glib seems to try to address this problem but it goes the hard way). Probably the most portable way to get a process list is to parse the output of the `ps’ program.

libproclist will run ps with the apropriate arguments and parse its output to get the process listing.

It seems to work for: Linux, IRIX, Solaris, AIX and OpenBSD.

This will *NOT* work for FreeBSD since the ps command does *NOT* return the effective uid and gid of a process.

v-lib – Support library

V-lib is a library that I’m developing for a couple of years, to fit my needs. It was created for personal use only so don’t expect many things. Many of my progs use it.