And this month’s medal of stup^H^H^H^Hcleverness goes to…

Internet Explorer for this.

Really, if MS was not MS but a company that was payed to write applications, making this information public should be enough reason not to hire them.

Let me rephrase the explanation: “If you give me a letter and say that this letter is only handed once, I will drop it because… well… because… no reason…”

Following the KB’s logic, if a document expires after 1 second and an application takes more than a second to launch then it should not be able to open the file…

… and it gets better: If the document expires after 10 seconds, you should have 10 seconds to read it. Else the document will be closed…

… and finally: if you save this document to a file, the file should be automatically deleted after it has expired.

Those are not true, but according to MS’s logic, they could be. Perhaps in IE10 🙂

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