pyzor problem after debian squeeze upgrade

After upgrading some servers to Debian squeeze, the following log was filling the logs:

Feb 18 12:49:38 aetos check[982]: pyzor: [19952] error: TERMINATED, signal 15 (000f)

The problem was caused by wrong pyzor servers. Unfortunately, pyzor keeps a servers list in each home directory in file ~/.pyzor/servers. This is what this file used to have:

This file is created automatically (with a proper value) so it is safe to remove it. That’s what it should have (for now):

In order to get rid of the error message all users’ files should be deleted:

find /home -name servers | grep pyzor/servers > /tmp/lst
# examine /tmp/lst by hand to verify that nothing bad is there
cd /home
cat /tmp/lst | xargs rm

That’s it. There should be no more “TERMINATED” messages.

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